Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Gandhi on Terrorism

How significant are Gandhi's words in present scenario. Way back in 1920, Gandhi said, " We shall have to meet terrorism, their frightfulness by bravery, and it is an unbending bravery which is, today, demanded from every man, woman and child. "


  1. gandhi ji was one of greatest man which 20th century has witnessed. He had a great vision and deep understanding of the imperialist politics. Hi views on Asia, Arab, and Europe were so much clear that they still are relevant. His views about, war, terrorism or violence in any other forms had a deep understanding of human lives and values.

  2. nisha bala tyagiFebruary 10, 2009

    Each one of has to contribute in bringing peace

  3. We can bring the peace to India in so much of efficient way & also can show the power of our UNITED NATION to the world but not by keeping the gangster's like abu salem in our country from last 5 years & feeding them.Our country have spend lots of crore to 26/11 terrorist Kasab.
    Instead of that if government spend that money in the growth of rural areas then some of our countries people taken the hassle free breath & can proud to be Indian public rather then saying to government that what they have done for the Indian people.
    We need change in our country not the same Rule again & again & again...............